Matraca is an independent peruvian label focused on promoting original electronic and urban alternative music since 2013. The catalogue consist in more than sixty releases from unique artist and producers from Peru, Latinamerica and the world.

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[SWINE PREMIERE] A heavy mix of UK club and Latin rhythm

Lukrø, Qechuaboi and AARRT create a heavy mix of UK club and Latin rhythm

Peruvian label Matraca releases a new EP Colision on October 1st. It is the most recent musical project from Mexico City-based artist Lukrø [PE] with the special featuring of Qechuaboi [PE], and wild remixes from UK and US with AARRT [Manchester], Glimmerman [Scotland] and Phyzical Trax [TXS] making this one of the hottest albums of the season with the special 3D art cover made by Asdrubal Gomez.


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